Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, plage

Land by the sea

The island of Ré, a natural playground which is perfect for nautical and countryside activities.

The advantage on an island is that the sea is never far away. The island of Ré offers you multiple possibilities for seaside activities, or even those within our camping village!

With its southern coast, slanted towards the west, the island has numerous spots, windswept and exposed to the Atlantic swells, for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Notable spots are Les Grenettes, Le Gouillaud and the Conche des Baleines. Less than 2 km from our Saint Martin en Ré campsite, nestles the delightful La Cible beach with its huts and white sands, perfect to lay out your family’s towels or register your children for the sailing club.
For those who wish to keep both feet on the ground, there are a multitude of possibilities on offer to you. Firstly, trips on the numerous cycle paths (see below), the bike is a genuine way of life on the island of Ré. You will also be able to easily arrange horse rides on the beach, improve your swing on a natural golf course in the vicinity, or perfect your backhand on one of our tennis courts, within our Slow Village campsite.
With 70 km of coast, lovers of fishing are not outdone. Amongst the best fishing spots of the island of Ré, the Rivedoux beach particularly lends itself to surf casting and the Pointe du Lizay reef is renowned for its bass populations. The Fier d’Ars bay, which abounds in wild whelks, winkles, crabs and oysters, will delight lovers of shore fishing.

Camping Le Ridin Le Crotoy , sanitaire vu de l\'extérieur

On-site activities

– Tennis & & Paddle tennis
– Yoga/Fitness sessions
– Bicycle hire
– Children’s playground
– Ping-pong tables
– Boulodrome (for pétanque/French hockey/mölkky)
– Beach Volley
– Slow Club (children’s club) for aged 3 upwards


|At Slow Village, creative leisure activities aim to raise awareness of environmental, countryside and wellness issues, and even living together.

Activities in the vicinity

– Windsurfing
– Canoeing
– Water-skiing
– Surfing/Kitesurfing
– Stand-up paddle boarding
– Sand yachting
– Sailing & sailing courses
– Country golf
– Riding centre
– Shore or sea fishing

Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, Visiteurs observant et photographiant la faune de la Réserve Naturelle Lilleau des Niges ©Le Ciré Jaune ; Charentes Tourisme
Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, vue aérienne


24 hiking routes, 8 cycle rides, 7 pushchair routes

Lovers of hiking or cycling will be thrilled to cover the 150 km of paths and cycle trails, the best means of “slowcomotion” to go all over the famous venelles (lanes), these straight roads, characteristic of the Ile de Ré island. To know all there is to know about the walking routes, go here on the website of the Office de Tourisme (tourist office). There are even 7 family pushchair routes!

Marais de la Réserve Naturelle Lilleau des Niges
Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, Réserve Naturelle Lilleau des Niges ©Le Ciré Jaune ; Charentes Tourisme

Nature stand up paddle boarding

An exceptional stand-up paddle boarding trip on the island of Ré, along the Lilleau des Niges National Nature Reserve

Leaving from the La Cible beach, do not miss one of the most interesting stand-up paddle boarding trips in France, going along the Lilleau des Niges National Nature Reserve, to the north of the island of Ré, a fiefdom of tens of thousands of migratory birds crossing the salt marshes.

Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, Oiseaux d\'eau à la Réserve Naturelle Lilleau des Niges ©Le Ciré Jaune ; Charentes Tourisme
Camping Slow Village Ile de Ré, Port de plaisance de Saint-Martin-de-Ré ©Stéphanie NADOUCE / CT ; Charentes Tourisme

Each year, in this port of call between the Arctic and Africa, nearly 300 migratory bird species are observed, or half the birds in Europe. You will be able discover the Common Shelduck, a lovely multi-coloured duck, the symbol of the reserve, and the Bluethroat, a superb blue-chested sparrow. You will also see the white stilt, with its never-ending red feet and black and white feathers. There is even the elegant Avocet, and its curious long up-curved beak!
This peaceful and flat natural area is perfect for a family stand up paddle boarding trip. You can make the most of a lovely boat trip to get here, the opportunity to admire the Pointe du Loix, pataches (flat-bottomed boats) and the Trousse Chemise beaches.