Cascade du Sautadet - Couple standing at the top overlooking the river

Get up close and personal
with nature

Come to Gard, for lovers of open spaces 
and delightful treasures

At the Slow Village Provence Occitanie campsite, take your time, and take care of the surrounding nature, you will soon see how good it makes you feel!

On our establishment situated in the heart of the forest, and in particular, right beside the river, there are plenty of nature activities to enjoy. Here at our Slow Village campsite, you can do whatever you choose! If you would rather relax under a parasol, tan by the side of the pool, or grab a quick snooze in a hammock, make sure you do it right!


And for our other holidaymakers, the die-hard hikers, endorphin junkies, open-air aficionados, freshwater mermaids, and fly-fishers, you will find the ideal activity among the many options available both within and around our 5 star campsite in Gard.


The surroundings to our campsite offer the perfect chance to connect to nature, and there are plenty of lovely little walks to go on around our establishment. Don’t hesitate to join one of our pedestrian hiking groups, organised and monitored by our campsite. A world of endless possibilities! You can also pedal to your heart’s content around the sinuous mountain-bike trails in the forest, leap aboard a canoe on the Cèze or mount your valiant steed for a hair-raising horse-ride!


Also, located right inside our campsite in Gard, our multi-sports terrains and play areas are the perfect opportunity to get your children away from their screens.


Don’t hesitate to come and ask our advice at the reception desk of our Slow Village Provence Occitanie campsite, we will be happy to point you in the right direction toward a nature-filled adventure.

Slow Village Provence Occitane - Couple qui se baigne dans la rivière
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On-site activities


Splash around in the pool


Take a dip in the river (with easy, direct access)


Multi sports terrain


Pétanque court


Ping-pong table




Slow Club (kid’s club)

Activities available nearby

Canoeing and kayaking


Bike rides






Take a tour of the vineyards


Pedestrian hikes


Horse rides

Slow Village Provence Occitane - Activités nature - Canoë
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Couple qui se promène dans les ruelles du village de Aiguèze

Open your eyes
and mind

Visit the villages
of character here in Gard


Containing several of the “most beautiful villages in France” the department of Gard can certainly boast about the host of veritable medieval treasures it contains. We highly recommend you head off and explore these villages and their medieval history to make your holiday even more remarkable.


Roque-Sur-Cèze, right near our campsite, also contains quite a few surprises. Built upon a rocky peak, this charming, quaint village offers an awe-inspiring view of the Cascades du Sautadet.

Couple visiting Aiguèze village
Les gorges de la Concluse de Lussan near village of Lussan, Gard, France

Lussan invites you to come and explore its Concluses and its winding, enigmatic pathways when the water draws completely back during the summer.


Can you smell that heavenly scent of lavender? Then you must be nearing Montclus! Step inside the dungeon of the medieval chateau, before wandering through the grapevines and fields of lavender, to enjoy a unique moment outside of space and time.


And what about Aiguèze? This village’s identity goes hand in hand with its famous river, the Ardèche. The cliff this renowned village was built upon marks the exit point of the famous Gorges de l’Ardèche!

Roque sur Cèze - Couple wandering through the grapevines

Find the right pace
Whether on foot, horseback, with oar, or bike… Life doesn’t have to be a race…

Explore the Vallée
de la Cèze another way


Whether travelling alone, as a couple, or with family and friends, snake along the winding river and its surroundings, a must when exploring this area. Leave your car behind and enjoy a trip in a canoe-kayak or on a paddle board to enjoy the full benefits of the quiet, calm waters of the Cèze. For cyclists and mountain-bikers, choose one of the many different pathways above the river and pedal your way through these otherworldly landscapes. And for those who enjoy a hike on four feet, we highly recommend a horse ride along the waterway, the best way to discover the Vallée de la Cèze and its villages perched on top.

Slow Village Provence Occitane - Activités nature - Canoë et paddle à Aiguèze
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Hiking in Ardèche
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Around our Slow Village campsite, explore your surroundings on foot thanks to the pedestrian hiking trips we organise, available to all, beginners and experts alike, where everyone can go at their own pace. Our staff will also be more than happy to recommend the best fishing spots of the area to you, or point you in the the direction of one of the developed beaches along the Cèze. Doesn’t matter what you choose, there is no wrong answer!

Slow Village Provence Occitane - Couple qui se baigne dans la rivière
Slow Village Provence Occitane - Groupe d\'amis jouant à la pétanque
Slow Village Provence Occitane - Tobogan aquatique
Slow Village Provence Occitane - Activités nature - Canoë
Slow Village Provence Occitane - Activités nature - Randonnée en VTT
Couple hiking along the cascades du Sautadet
Slow Village Provence Occitane - Activités nature - Canoë et paddle à Aiguèze
Vue aérienne du village de Aiguèze et de la Cèze
Hiking in Ardèche
Couple hiking along the cascades du Sautadet