Slow life in Loire Valley

A Maine et Loire campsite

stylish and minimalist by the water

There is an urgent need to take time! And what if this time you spend a truly restful holiday in “Slow Life” mode?

Slowness is a way of life. Absolutely!

Taking your time, is being able to think of yourself and others – it is to restore meaning to life as our society’s furious pace only rarely allows us to. By the Loire, fishermen and walkers have indeed understood this. Quite naturally, they have adopted the pace of the river.

As such these are special moments, both rare & authentic, which you will enjoy during your stay at the Slow Village Loire Vallée, within a natural setting on the château island, encircled by the meanders of the Loire, but only a few minutes on foot from Les Ponts de Cé, a delightful small town in the Loire, at the gateway to Angers.

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atypical accommodation
spacious pitches

Spread over wooded grounds
of 3 hectares dotted with fruit trees!

Camping Slow Camp Loire Vallée Les_Ponts_de_Cé_Aérien_Loire

of the loire

Your base camp is right there,
on the banks of the Loire

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A timeless river, countryside protected within surroundings, which themselves have Natura 2000 status (the EU network of protected areas), a remarkable biodiversity…

…and your premium cabin which accommodates you comfortably, by the Loire, as was Robinson Crusoe on his island, with all of the services provided by your Slow Village.

Discover a landscaped mosaic populated by hundreds of remarkable species, a river which reveals a wide range of colours, adorned in all her finery(!), and a riverside atmosphere, complete with the open-air café and walkers. Your Slow Village is perfectly assimiliated within these natural surroundings, for campers wishing to take advantage of the magic of the banks of the Loire.


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After a few
pedal rotations on your bike…

5 p.m. You have worked up an appetite on this cycle ride along the Loire. You have just passed under the magnificent Pont Dumnacus bridge, and now you remember the Guingette “en Rouge et Loire” open-air café that you had found at the entrance to the Slow Village campsite. The wording on the display cries out to you “Open-air café and a place of curiosities”. Let’s go and take a look at that!

Camping Slow Camp Loire Vallée, Les Ponts de Cé, le village, activités, bord de Loire, vélo

6 p.m. Several sunbeds on the shaded wooden terrace, a panoramic view over the river, a plancha of locally-grown produce and organic natural wine…what a delight are these fanned out rays of sunshine lapping over your toes! No, you are not in paradise, but simply taking time to enjoy a superb Loire wine in “slow life” mode!

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“In summer, the CKPC (the Les Ponts de Cé canoeing club) organises twilight hikes so as to admire sundown on the Loire by Canoe.”

Some random ideas…

1 – Go out on the “Loire à Vélo” Loire bicycle route

2 – Hire a traditional sailing boat (gabarre) for traditional-style cruising

3 – Explore plant life in all its phases in the Terra Botanica plant and theme park

4 – Lovers of natural wines can discover new wine growers

5 – Visit the Château de Brissac, France’s tallest château

6 – Glide along the lake in Anjou Wake Park

kayak loire

Adopting the right tempo