Nature break
in Lacanau

A chic & ecological campsite in Lacanau

This spot in Lacanau is the perfect place for a nature break.

In this age of biomimicry


Society is increasingly interested in the virtues of trees. By taking root, trees become part of the long term, nourish and protect the soil, and interact with their environment. In Lacanau, the hundred year old pine trees stand on the lake’s edge and provide you with the opportunity to admire them, and even to imitate them, for once, by taking the time to do so.


Nature has much to teach us and it is this unique nature that you can enjoy during your stay at our Slow Village Lacanau campsite, on the shores of one of the largest lakes in the Gironde, surrounded by wooded dunes, and only a few minutes’ walk from the Atlantic Ocean and its immense beaches.

108 Lodges & Cottages
35 Tiny Houses
557Pitches under the pines

Dispersed throughout a 14 hectares area of wooded dunes of on the lake’s edge!


A golden location
on the sublime Côte d’Argent

Sheltered from the ocean winds, the Lacanau lake stretches out in a natural setting dotted with maritime pines, gorse, mimosas, broom, reeds and water lilies…

….and your premium lodge tent which comfortably accommodates you, on the edge of this immense 2,000 hectare lake, with all the services of your Slow Village, and in particular this cheerful ‘Guinguette’ on the edge of the lake in which you can chill out with a drink in your hand and enjoy delicious tapas.


Discover the inner mysteries of the great lake, which is home to a network of meandering waterways and a myriad of wild creeks and natural bays, known here as conches. And when you return from your canoe trip, find the peace and quiet of your Lacanau Slow Village campsite in a lakeside atmosphere with its “Guinguette” and its bystanders.

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A centuries-old campsite, a love affair that has lasted since 1958. Slow Village Lacanau was formerly called “le Tedey”. The campsite opened its doors in 1958, it has seen entire generations succeed one another over the decades. Slow Village Lacanau pays tribute to all of those campers and to the history of Le Tedey campsite which has now become its own.



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First hours
of the day..

7:00 The call of the ocean is very strong. The sun has barely risen over the lake when you put on your trainers for a morning jog. This time, you have decided to leave the banks of the lake to run on the beach, the iodized air will do you good. After an hour’s exercise, you deserve to take a dip to cool off. It’s so good to swim in the ocean, as the tide comes in and surfers rush to explore their playground of the day!

8:20 Back to the lake side, you particularly like this moment when life starts to come alive while, for you, the day is already well underway. The smell of coffee tickles your nostrils, what a pleasure it is to see the sun’s rays piercing through pine trees right in the spot you have chosen to enjoy your breakfast! The little ones are already up, the older ones will wake up later, it’s good to get up “Slow”!

“In summer,
Le Chaland organizes
trips on the Lacanau lake
with stopoffs on the islands,
aperitif and tapas. “

A few ideas.

1 – Discover the Lacanau islands by canoe

2 – Go for a bike ride in the nature reserve

3 – Take your first surfing lesson in Lacanau-Océan

4 – Drive along the Châteaux du Médoc route

5 – Taste oysters in the oyster farming villages of the Arcachon basin

6 – Climb the Pyla Dune

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Take advantage of the time you have