Camping Lacanau, by the lakeside, a cosy and naturel environment!

In the heart of the famous seaside resort of Lacanau, France’s iconic surfing spot, Slow Village has set up its new holiday village concept, a subtle blend of chic camping and nature village. On the Pointe du Tedey, Slow Village Lacanau occupies an exceptional, Atlantic coast site, on the edge of Lake Lacanau. Nestled under the pine trees, between the lake and the ocean, this Gironde campsite is a substantive nature reserve for those who appreciate slow experiences, in the heart of nature. And a place appreciated by those in the know who have been flocking to this family camping Mecca, formerly the Le Tedey campsite, since 1958.

Reservations open on 02 January 2023!

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Surf if you want on the Atlantic Ocean, but on the lake, you’ll enjoy one of the best Slow spots in the region! A precious place for those who appreciate good times, a holiday that is only divulged by word of mouth, a bit like this spot, kept secret by local surfers, where a perfect wave breaks slowly, just as it should.


Discover a campsite in Lacanau that is decidedly different, for a “slow session” that gives you the time to take your time.

The village

Camping bord de mer Lacanau


Imagine the perfect place, in the shade of the pines, by the water, with a huge wooden terrace with people who mean well and who serve you great food!


Here, the menu is designed with local artisans, in a “Slow Food” spirit that aims to make you eat good food, if possible organic, with more vegetables on your plate!


A campsite in Gironde, between the lake and the seaside


If you’re looking for a glamping experience in Gironde and dreaming of the ultimate place to slow down, the new Slow Village Lacanau could well be the dream spot to take a break by the waterside.


And for the occasion, learn that the canal, which once naturally linked the Lacanau lake to the Atlantic Ocean, was pronounced “La-Canau” throughout the Occitan territory, which explains the etymology of Lacanau. Nothing to do with Lacan, the psychoanalyst!

Will you sleep under the pine trees
or facing the lake?

Large pitches, shaded by the pines, a village of Tiny Houses, design lodges on wooden floors, and when you wake up, pine needles crunching under your feet when you go to greet nature for your morning yoga by the lake.

The accommodation


The ocean is just a stone’s throw away, for surfing and sea iodine, the wooded dunes for yoga and relaxation,
the nautical base to enjoy the lake and, last but not least, 2 beautiful beaches next to the campsite.

Great, nature is still here and you will be able to enjoy it fully!

Nature activities


The Slow can’t be explained, it has to be felt. A trendy atmosphere, good vibes with the people around, a lovely concert and a discreet team of entertainers who are there to make you feel good.


Nothing too complicated, but a finely tuned combination of attentiveness that delightfully remind you that, ultimately, you’re alright!  And a program of activities that gives pride of place to “Do It Yourself” workshops and eco-friendly activities, of course!


It’s slow time!

The best of Aquitaine camping

Whether you are a fan of large pitches in wooded dunes or a glamping enthusiast in Aquitaine, Slow Village Lacanau benefits from an exceptional location on the edge of the lake to rejuvenate your tribe in complete serenity. If you dream place where nature is still preserved, the new Slow village Lacanau is a destination of choice for your camping in Aquitaine!


Lacanau is crossed by the 45th parallel. Here, the Landes’ great lakes, the Côte d’Argent dunes and beaches as far as the eye can see, the Landes du Médoc with its immense forest and, a little further, the marvellous Arcachon basin and its oyster-farm villages.


The scene is set, a long way from the North Pole and the equator, which are equidistant from Lacanau!

The surrounding area

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