Slow life

Our approach towards ecological transition

How can we integrate our initiatives in a global ecological transition process?


How can we protect the economy and local culture in practical terms?

To meet these two concerns, Slow Village is involved in 3 different spheres:


The designation of our sites with the European Ecolabel (environmental excellence label), implementing eco-friendly signs on all our sites, and developing a CSR approach within the company.


After Slow Village Biscarrosse Lac in October 2021, four Slow Village sites are in the process of obtaining the European Ecolabel designation, during the 2022 season.

What is the European Ecolabel?


The European Ecolabel is a certification recognized in all member states of the European Union. It aims to design and promote products (both goods and services) to be respectful of the environment and health, throughout the given service or product life cycle. This certification is the only one officially issued by a public body (AFNOR - the French standards association).


The framework consists of 67 criteria, which themselves are graded in broad categories: Water, Energy, General Management, Waste and Other Services. Each criteria has the objective of offering positive alternatives for the environment and/or society.
Our eco-labeled sites
Biscarrosse Lac
Renewal in progress
Château des Forges
Château des Forges
June 2022
Loire Vallée
Loire Vallée
June 2022
Breizh Légendes
May 2023
Ile de Ré
October 2023
Target: 2024
Méditation slow life

What does it mean in practical terms?

Below are some of our initiatives:

eco camping

Supply of 100% renewable electric energy


Use of 100% low-energy light bulbs


80% of the household products used carry the Ecolabel


50% reduction in single-use products


Recycling 100% of our used oil and fat into biofuel


Bar and restaurant menu 50% ORGANIC and local


Installation of water-saving tap heads on our taps and shower heads


Optimization of our specific energy consumption kWh/night and kWh/m²


Use of natural household products, such as white vinegar or soda crystals


Commitment to purchase equipment and appliances with A++ energy rating in the future


Bicycle hire possible on our sites


Installation of a communal composting site for guests

Availability of a compost bucket in our rentals


Use of paper tableware and recyclable cartons for takeaways


Eco-responsible and practical Welcome Kit with Ecolabel products


No regular replacement of towels and bedding to save water


Selective sorting on communal islands and within rentals


Rainwater collector for watering our plants


Raising children’s awareness for respecting nature, through the Slow Club and our activity booklets


Supporting and highlighting to our guests a local association on each site


Drawing up a responsible purchase charter and social charter


Drawing up an environmental policy that you can find


Staff training and awareness-raising as to eco-friendly gestures, using an agency


Installing electric vehicle charging points on all our sites


… And many others besides! You can go on the European Ecolabel site to learn more or on our websites!

camping écologique

And after that?

Eager to perpetuate this approach, we anticipate long term initiatives.
Here are some examples:

Installing solar electricity panels so 50% of electricity consumed annually is from renewable energy


Installing connected sensors in our accommodation


Replacing our accommodation with a GTC system


Calculation of our carbon footprint


Developing a partnership with Emmaüs to donate our used textiles and furniture


Drawing up a social charter which offers advantages to our employees and suppliers


Obtaining the Green Food Label (confirming our commitment to sustainable development in food preparation)

Slow Village

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