With Slow Village, discover a new Biscarrosse holiday village concept. Opening in 2017, our establishment nestles within an authentic green setting in the immediate proximity of the Lac de Biscarrosse lake. A halfway house between chic camping and the holiday village, Slow Village turns out to be the ideal place to rest and indulge in idleness within the Landes department.


Adopt a new way of life for the duration of your stay with us in our Biscarosse holiday village. It is a way of life known under the banner of “slow life”, which consists in taking your time. Time to do things, time to live, time to look around you, time to make the most of those you love, time to eat healthily and time for other activities.


Anyone living in “slow” mode sees life from a different perspective and attaches value to the little things in life! This is precisely the encounter that we are offering you the chance to experience within our Biscarrosse holiday village. Far from what is usual in the Landes department, our establishment is intended to have a human dimension, close to nature and indeed close to others.


Our accommodation nestles in the woods and enjoys proximity to the shores of the Lac de Biscarrosse. You are ensured of finding peace and tranquillity, but also warmth and conviviality. By going to the Biscarrosse holiday village, you will also be able to take advantage of the activities and entertainment organised in Port Maguide.


Indeed every holiday season this significant tourist spot, located on the shores of the Lac de Biscarrosse, accommodates countless events. Holidaymakers who come here can do a multitude of recreational and/or sports activities.