Green Punk Food
in Anjou

Slow food breakfasts,
meal trays when you’re a little peckish
and great organic and local places to eat.

You eat organic and local at Slow Village
At Le Château des Forges, we offer you restaurant services adapted to the size of the establishment, overseen by chef Franck Garanger.

For a drink or breakfast, you can sit down in the superb redecorated areas of the château or make the most of the park terrace, around the swimming pool, opposite the Lower Anjou Valleys (part of the Maine et Loire department). A wine list favouring local wines, with a selection of organic and country vineyards.
The bar is open from 12 noon to 9 p.m.

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Sweet or savoury breakfasts, devised by the chef Franck Garanger, dotted with Veggie creations, to delight all the taste buds.
Breakfast is served from 7.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. €18 from Tuesday to Sunday – €15 on Mondays
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Orange juice
ORGANIC ham on the bone
Boiled eggs
Avocado toast (to order)
Banana pancakes
Selection of Val de Loire (Loire Valley) jams
Selection of breakfast cereals
Madeleines (butter cakes)
Selection of mini sweetbreads and buns
Smoothie of the day
Sliced sourdough bread
Selection of farm and vegetable milk
Locally produced yoghurt
Home-made vegetable yoghurt with chia seeds
Fruit compote
In-season fruits

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A sudden need for Poke Bowl, an irresistible hunger for vegetable lasagne…Sweet, savoury, at any reasonable time of day, whether you’re a little peckish or absolutely ravenous for Slow Food.
Served from 12 noon to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
OUR BOARDS – Served with French traditional sourdough bread in a ball
Cheese board: Tomme Angevine (made from heated-treated cow’s milk with rind) – Comté (made from unpasteurized cow’s milk) – Buche Sainte Maure (pasteurized soft goat’s cheese with rind) – organic quince jelly – nuts – sourdough bread
Delicatessen board: rillettes de canard au magret fumé (smoked duck breast fillet potted meat), saucisson sec (pork and beef sausage), organic cooked ham, beurre d’Isigny (unpasteurized salted butter), sourdough bread
Soup; Rillettes de Canard (duck potted meat); Terrine de Foie Gras Mi-cuit (lightly cooked foie gras); Tzatziki (Greek dip made from yoghurt mixed with cucumber, garlic, salt and olive oil), olives and pita bread…
Smoked salmon salad, sucrine lettuce, eggs, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onions
Vegetable quiche, green salad
Vegetable lasagne, green salad
Rougail Saucisses “Comme à Mafate” (fresh and smoked sausages cooked Mafate-style with small chillis, tomatoes, onion, ginger, salt, pepper and oil), steamed rice
Croque-monsieur (toasted ham and cheese), green salad
Poulet Rôti aux Amandes (roast chicken with almonds), creamy curry risotto, spinach, chorizo
Poulet Mariné au Citron (marinated lemon chicken), creamy quinoa, carrot ketchup
Purée de Butternut, Risotto de Petit Epeautre (butternut purée, small spelt wheat risotto), Jerusalem artichokes, roast butternut squash, marrow seeds and roasted hazelnuts
Crozets Savoyards (Savoie flat pasta), crème aux poireaux (cream of leek soup), purée de poireaux (leek purée), Tomme cheese, roasted hazelnuts
Plate of three cheeses
Fromage blanc (Fresh cheese made of cow’s milk), raspberry coulis
Verrine Poire-caramel (pear caramel verrine)
Chocolate brownie, salted butter caramel
GROM Italian ice cream, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry

Franck Garanger,
the Slow Food chef

Our breakfasts are concocted for you by Franck Garanger, a Maître Cuisinier de France (a Master Chef of France), a specialist in vegetable cuisine and creator of the “Green Punk Food” veggie brand. Having travelled all around the world, discovering the flavours of both here and abroad, Franck and Slow Village join forces, to offer you organic and local culinary creations, developed using seasonal produce! Continental breakfasts are also available.

An exceptional location, for breakfast opposite the Lower Anjou Valleys.

The Ile Saint Aubin island for something to eat or drink, without taking the car

Accessible from sunny days, located below the Le Château des Forges hotel, Saint Aubin island is an ideal place for a walk in the middle of nowhere. Right after taking the ferry to cross the river, you will find the “Au Port de l’île” outdoor café, a rural and convivial location. A little further, on the hill overlooking the site, the “Cœur de l’île” offers brunches and Anjou specialities. These are served in the country setting of a renovated farm.

Great places to eat

Angers is a town abounding in excellent restaurants and various wine bars. With a trend now firmly established, towards organic cuisine and short distribution channels.

For lovers of natural wines and local gastronomy
1 – OSÉ RESTAURANT, an organic menu and a genuine Château favourite.

2 – BELLE RIVE, a gourmet restaurant by the Maine river.

3 – EAT AND DRINK, a gourmet and oenological adventure, organic and nature experience.

4 – UNE FILLE & & DES QUILLES, a natural wine bar with the guarantee of a lovely wine-tasting experience.

5 – LE CERCLE ROUGE, a wine bar with a wine list of natural wines and possibly more.

6 – RONIN, a gourmet restaurant 100% vegan, for a dizzying culinary experience!

7 – LE POIDS GOURMAND, an intimate restaurant where cuisine goes harmoniously hand in hand with local flavours.

Other friendly and gourmet locations in Angers
1 – LA DESCENTE DE LA MARINE, for a drink on the terrace, opposite the Maine river and Château d’Angers fortress
2 – LE BISTROT DE L’AVENUE, elaborate “bistrot” cuisine, in the peace of the 100% pedestrian Avenue Jeanne d’Arc, with its famous Saturday lunchtime brunch
3 – JOE CARPA, a well-known restaurant amongst Angers and indeed Anjou inhabitants, with immaculate décor in the town centre
4 – CHEZ PONT PONT, the trendy place to be in Angers, perfectly situated opposite the castle
5 – LE 15 GOURMAND, traditional and & creative cuisine
6 – LA RESERVE, bistrot and creative cooking with the best view of Angers, on the roof of the “Le Quai” theatre
7 – LES PETITS PRES, the new restaurant owned by Samuel Albert, winner of the Top Chef award, in the town centre on the Place du Ralliement square
8 – BISTRO DES DUCS, bistrot restaurant in the town centre
9 – CHEZ REMY, one of the best in the town centre, firmly established in the Anjou gourmet landscape