Free cancellation insurance

You can book your stay with complete peace of mind!Until 31/03/2021, we offer you the cancellatio insurance for your stay! It will be proposed to you at the time of the finalization of your reservation, don't forget to tick well! You can book your trip with peace of mind :)The contract provides for :- Reimbursement of cancellation fees in case of contraction of the Covid19 disease, positive screening, and proven Covid contact case;- Coverage of cancellation costs in the event of denied boarding following a temperature reading during transport (aeroplane, train station, boat, etc.);- Assistance services covering, in particular, accommodation costs related to a fortnight's stay, repatriation following flight cancellation, payment of medical expenses, repatriation of the insured person to his or her country of origin, medical teleconsultation services...And to give you even more flexibility, we guarantee you the free postponement of your stay for 18 months in the event of confinement, border closures or administrative closure of the campsite.


Cancellation insurance

Discover the Slow Box!

The Slow Box will change your stay on a pitch! Whether with a tent, bivouac or caravan, choose a Premium pitch and make the most of a small cabin with a fridge, an electric hob, a storage box and a small garden furniture set!

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