Dune du Pila

Switch back and forth!

Port Maguide, at the Biscarrosse Lac campsite is an anchorage point by the lake. It is ideal for discovering the region’s marvels.

Choosing Biscarrosse, is almost as though you have decided not to make any compromise and to ensure that you have everything on hand. The ocean and its lively surf spots, the lakes and its site’s countryside surroundings, the Landes heritage and its gastronomy…

With beaches stretching for miles, three freshwater clear lakes, 13,000 hectares of forests, the commune of Biscarrosse entices you to spend your holidays within a magnificent, indeed inspiring, countryside.


The various moods, festive by the ocean, restorative by the lake, or even authentic a little further inland, offers you the possibility of flitting freely according to your desires and how the mood takes you!

50kms of cycling
60kms of hiking

In Biscarrosse, 50 kilometres of cycling tracks and 60 kilometres of hiking paths link the ocean, lakes and forests.

Here’s a bit of history for you.

Are you acquainted with the aeronautical destiny of Biscarrosse?

To discover the epic adventures of the most prestigious aviators (including Saint-Exupéry) at the controls of the famous “seaplanes”, go to the Museum of Hydraviation.

The Dune of Pilat

This is the highest dune in Europe

a few kilometres from your very own Slow Village!

An immense stretch of sand rises up against the Banc d’Arguin (a sand bank which is also a national nature reserve).
the magic operates inexorably!


If there are memories of childhood which remain engraved into the memory, your first climb of the Dune du Pilat (the Dune of Pilat) is one of these.
The first strides are driven by the excitement of the challenge, your legs become heavier midway through the climb and you experience shortness of breath but you will have a smile on your lips when reaching this summit of happiness. Moreover, there in front of you, you discover an exceptional, unforgettable horizon. The sea, the sky, the sand and the forest in all of their immensity are barely disturbed by a few paragliders, who are circling in the distance. Already, they are roaming to hurtle down the hill, making giant steps, jumping the furthest possible, certain to be gently cushioned… this is pure bliss for you, indeed a slow moment!

Have a drink on the terrace
of the Hôtel La Corniche.

At 6 p.m. after an afternoon of swimming in the waves at the foot of the Dune, it is time to go back. However, who is stopping you from having a drink on the superb terrace of the Hôtel La Corniche establishment in Pilat sur Mer.

It gets to 7 p.m. You will feel great in this exceptional location designed by Philippe Starck, the sun’s rays will softly caress your face, the landscape changes colour, and lastly you stay for dinner…

Arcachon Basin

25 kilometres from Biscarrosse, extending from Le Cap Ferret to Pilat sur Mer,

the basin conceals popular holidaymaker tourist destinations.

Here are a few random ideas for you:


1. take your bike


2. hire a boat in Port Maguide to sail upon the lake


3 take your golf clubs to hit the ball on a 27-hole golf course located 2 minutes away


4. put on your running shoes on for a countryside trail within the forest


5. go in for to kitesurfing; and/or


6. head for the ocean to surf the waves on the mythical coastal spots.

The Les Jacquets oyster farm – this offers oyster tasting

“in summer,
the water temperature
of the lake fluctuates between
24°C and 28°C”

The Basque Country

This is two hours from Biscarrosse, a magnificent region

with a rich cultural identity

In Biscarrosse, you are at the gateway to the Basque Country. It would indeed be a pity not to take time for a drive through this exceptional area.


You will enjoy “genuine” local people who are proud of their identity, their heritage and their language. You are going to like this region. Amongst the must-sees, not to be missed are the fishing town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the flamboyant town of Biarritz, the more authentic town of Bayonne and the little port of Guethary. There are also the inland Basque villages, Espelette and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.

Take the pulse of the Basque country in Bidart’s central square.


Although a place where you will feel your heart beat to the Basque rhythm, it is, without doubt, also the location of the Place du Sauveur Atchoarena (a well-known square). Drinking your coffee, you will gradually see the mist disappear. The magnificence of a steep and dyed countryside, with these Basque houses having tiled roofs and red woodwork will be revealed in the distance. Time seems to pass slowly, you observe passers-by, and you are conscious of a tranquillity unique to this location, which has a clear identity, rising inside you. A game of Basque pelota is cobbled together against the wall around the square, and you tell yourself that you are going to have another coffeee, simply because you love the noise of the pelota slamming against the wall!

The Bordeaux vineyard




There are these renowned wine estates to visit:


1. Château Yquem,


2. Château Haut-Brion,


3. Château Mouton-Rothshild,


4. Château Lafite,


5. Château Latour, and/or


6. Château Margaux.