Camping familial Landes

Landes Family Campsite


A Landes family campsite, par excellence, Slow Village Biscarrosse Lac entices you to take advantage of its amazing situation and its multitude of benefits during your next family holiday. If you perceive that your holiday is going too quickly, indeed that you are not able to enjoy being with your loved ones, your children and your spouse, go into “slow life” mode during your stay in Biscarrosse!

Our Landes family campsite at last offers you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday at your own pace. It also gives you the chance to enjoy being with those whom you love the most in the world, without any outside pressure coming between them and you. At the Slow Village Biscarrosse campsite, a new way of life awaits you. A way of life, the “slow life”, which goes against the grain of “fast living” that is omnipresent within modern societies.

Thus, when staying at the Landes Slow Village Biscarrosse family campsite, as a parent you have the opportunity to offer your children the possibility of sampling the “slow life” and to reconnect with nature! Indeed, our establishment nestles just a stone’s throw from the Lac de Biscarrosse. Under the trees, cabins made of wood and other natural materials are in perfect harmony with the wooded and green setting surrounding them.

Enjoy every moment of your holiday, without regretting a single one! The campsite is located close to Port Maguide, a significant tourist spot on the shores of the Lac de Biscarrosse. Awaiting you here is a multitude of recreational activities, intended as much for adults as for children! Less than a quarter of an hour by road from the Slow Village campsite, the beaches of the Landes coast are on offer to you and your family!