Le village

Slow Life and Countryside

A chic and rural village by the Lac de Biscarrosse

Come and spend your holiday by the Lac de Biscarrosse (a stunning lake), in “Slow Village” mode.

You often tell yourself that you should slow down, take time, both for you and others, rediscover more shared values and indeed conviviality.


Now is the time to discover Slow Village, a holiday village in Biscarrosse Lac which strives to conserve a countryside environment, a relaxed atmosphere, “décor” accommodation, possessing a “wood and bits and pieces style.” You will spend your next treasured holiday moments in Biscarrosse with a given leitmotif.

70 wood

scattered under the pine trees within a 14-hectare campsite!

Camping Port Maguide

‘With a sense of the Caribbean Islands!’

Your holiday village is right there,

by the Lac de Biscarrosse

slow village plage biscarosse
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Crystal-clear waters, luxuriant countryside and white sandy beaches.
Your cottage awaits you right here, by the lake
under the pine trees!


It is indeed surprising that the countryside fills us with wonder in Biscarrosse. By the edge of the lake, thousands of vertical pine trees flash by, cut into a horizon of shades of blue. Nestling in this verdant setting, the cabins and cottages are barely perceptible when seen from the sky.


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After taking occupancy of
your cottage

at 5 p.m., get your towel, slip on your swimsuit or swimming trunks, put some shoes on your bare feet and walk along the lake on foot, setting out by going right. If you resist the temptation for more than 300 metres before diving into the lake, well then you must be a cat!

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It’s 6 p.m. You are stretched on this mattress of fine sand which you breathe in. Why should you get up? To taste a glass of fine wine and some local specialities which are awaiting you at the Slow Village bar? There’s no rush, continue to make the most of the day’s last rays of sunshine, the aperitif will last even longer in “Slow” mode…

Port Maguide
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For those who are more energetic and indeed less “Slow”…


Our holiday village is located a few steps from the nautical base of Port Maguide, a “spot” which is somewhat lively during the summer season.

The water’s shallow depth gives the Lac de Biscarrosse the air of a Pacific lagoon

« In summer,
the lake’s water temperature
fluctuates between
24°C and 28°C. »

Here are a few random ideas:


1. take your bike


2. hire a boat at Port Maguide to sail on the lake


3. take your golf clubs to hit the ball around a 27-hole golf course located two minutes away;


4. put on your running shoes for a countryside forest trail;


5. indulge in kitesurfing


6. head for the ocean to ride the waves around the legendary coastal spots.

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Make the most of it. You’ve got the time.

Everything is on hand, nearby,

and the countryside surrounds you.

slow village plage biscarosse
Port Maguide
Lac de Sanguinet et de Cazaux